Creating a website for GevAd, my dad's consultancy firm

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Making GevAd

After leaving his job at twentieth century fox, my dad started a small consultancy business called GevAd. The name translates to ‘clever’ or ‘witty’, but is also a wordplay on his own name: Ad. He offers financial advice and new perspectives and insights.

In order to establish an online presence for his business, a website was needed. For this, Ad approached me and my sister, Kris Eijkemans. Kris handled the visual design and created the logo and color palette for the website.

I made the website. The design very closely resembles that of this website, which is what Ad asked for. He wanted a simple, one-page layout that is straight to the point, which is very much in line with the way that GevAd works.

The website consists of a landing page, with the logo and a short summary of what GevAd offers to its clients. The site contains sections that explain how GevAd works, who Ad is, what previous clients thought of GevAd, and lastly, a contact section that lists Ad’s phone number, e-mail, and address. The contact section also has an online form that can be used to have Ad contact the client instead.

Overall, it is a pretty simple website, but this is intentional. Ad is very satisfied with the site, and it was fun for me to work together with my dad and sister on a project like this. At the time of writing, GevAd is still going strong.

Visit GevAd

However, describing a website typically doesn't quite do it justice. To get the best impression of GevAd's website, visit it yourself by clicking the button below.

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