Dutch Holiday Season

An informative short about the statistics regarding the travelling of Dutch people during holiday season

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Dutch Holiday Season

Dutch holiday season is the title of a 2 minute informative animated short that I made together with Famke van Meurs and Mirel Nijhuis in the second year of my bachelor Creative Technology. This module was all about data visualization and data physicalization, for the course animated data narration we chose to animate the statistics regarding the Dutch holiday season, hence the name of our video.

Although this project didn't consume as much hours as many others on this site, and I've even excluded a lot of projects of similar size, since this project is very different than other stuff I've made, I figured it still deserved a spot on my portfolio.

I do apologize for the bad voice over. We did not have any budget for a professional voice actor or microphone, so it was done by one of our group members on a phone.

The script, storyboard, all of the artwork and the animation itself was made entirely by us. We did not download or copy anything for this project. We used Adobe Illustrator for the artwork and Adobe After Effects for the animation part. Every group member made their own artwork and animated it for their own parts of the video.

The parts I've made are the intro part (the part in space up and until the globe and red arrows), the part with the melting ice and rising sea levels and the outro with the bicycle and credits. Have a look at our video below.