Privacy policy

Thank you for using Boerenkerkhof AR! Here we describe how we collect, use, and handle your information when you use our application.

What is the Boerenkerkhof AR app?

The Boerenkerkhof AR app, developed by Joep Eijkemans in association with the Stichting Historische Sociƫteit Enschede-Lonneker (SHSEL) is an Android application which enables users to experience the stories of some of the people buried in the Boerenkerkhof in Enschede. This service is provided at no cost and is intended for use as is.

These stories take the form of 3 audio fragments for each person, titled "Who am I?", "What did I do?", and "How did I influence Enschede?" respectively. Each audio fragment is also supported by 3D animations.

Data collection

Aside from the app-related data that is collected by the play store itself (things like: number of downloads, app rating, devices on which the app is downloaded, etc.), our application does not collect or share any data.

To elaborate: Our app is a one way street. After downloading, the app does collect some data (e.g. it checks whether your device is AR compatible, or it checks what the default language of your device is and uses this for the app as well), but none of this data is then send back to us, or anyone else, again. This data will be deleted upon closing the app.


If you have any questions or complaints regarding the privacy policy, usage, or content of the app, there are a number of ways of contacting the creators.

  1. Via the "Contact us" button in the app
    From the main screen of the app, select Menu (the gear icon on the top left), scroll down through the menu if needed and select contact us. You will be taken to the contact page of the SHSEL.
    Alternatively, you can also select "Go to website" after opening the Menu and go to the contact page from there.

  2. Contact the developer directly
    This app is developed by me, Joep Eijkemans. I have my own website from which you can contact me in a number of ways: Or Email me directly via